The teaching at Redeemed Girl Institute is what every woman who is chasing after the heart of God longs for. It is hard to find that much gifting in one place, and at RGI it is overflowing! 

RGI Is a beautiful and passionate experience … and added bonus you get to put your toes in that Florida white sand!

– Misty

Each year RGI moves me closer to Christ and His church. I would recommend that all women, young and wise, come to RGI. The Bible teaching is solid, and the speakers are incredible! My life has been transformed by Redeemed Girl Institute!

– Kodee


RGI is an incredible experience for women who are seeking to grow closer to Jesus. There's such a sweet community of women of all ages and deep biblical teachings. 

I love that I can reflect on the teachings by the beach, talk with friends and ask the teachers questions. I'm thankful for what RGI has been in my life and walk with God. 

– Inger

I wasn’t looking for community when I came to RGI, but it was the biggest blessing God gave me that week! Through these life-giving relationships, I received such encouragement and motivation to live out my true identity as a redeemed girl.

– Lucy